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About Us

Prime Bank Foundation (PBF) is a private Bangladeshi development agency established and operated under the corporate sponsorship of Prime Bank Limited. Founded in 2002 in accordance to the Companies Act of 1994, PBF is actively involved in the implementation of social programs designed to reach out to the underserved and marginalized sections of society, and address the national development agenda. While providing support to the disadvantaged people of the country is a core focus, the larger goal of the Foundation is to push forward a broader process of change in order to ensure meaningful and lasting progress.

Bangladesh is a place of great potential but enormous deprivation. Millions of people live below the poverty line, and lacking access to fundamental services, struggle to meet their basic needs. Prime Bank Foundation advocates a vision of a country where no one is deprived of their basic needs and rights, where everyone can live with dignity and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. In order to realize this vision, the Foundations mission is to promote social justice and remove barriers to accessing essential services, as well as to foster an enabling environment for the marginalized to support their capacity to uplift themselves. PBF recognizes that the talents, capabilities and potential of those it serves, and believes that the underprivileged can be the agents of their own fulfillment. Based on this conviction, the Foundation emphasizes empowerment more than aid, and designs all its activities to address both immediate needs as well as well as a longer term, more widespread development vision.

Prime Bank Foundation’s activities focus on educational, health, and sociocultural development. Since its inception, the Foundation has been undertaking innovative programs to promote development in these areas and reach out to those unable to afford such services. Some of PBF’s core ongoing programs include the Education Support Program (ESP), designed to support higher education, the Prime Bank English Medium School (PBEMS) initiative, for the development of a new model for primary education, the Prime Bank Eye Hospital (PBEH), intended to provide direct healthcare as well as to promote awareness and health seeking behavior, and several others. In addition to its ongoing core projects, PBF is also involved in numerous other activities to support pressing social and emergency needs across the country.

In designing its programs and carrying out its activities, Prime Bank Foundation emphasizes certain values that guide it in addressing challenges and ensuring maximum impact. All of the Foundation’s activities are based on establishing trust with the community, ensuring credibility at a local level. Wherever appropriate, PBF works in conjunction with other organizations and development actors, in order to make the most out of each other’s unique strengths and perspectives. The Foundation is focused on real and measurable results, and always maintains a pragmatic stance. Even so, PBF thrives on coming up with innovative solutions to challenging problems, and is not afraid to set a new precedence or test a new approach to fulfilling its objectives. In addition, PBF practices are transparent, and the Foundation steps up in taking accountability for its activities.

Over the years, Prime Bank Foundations activities have produced compelling results, turning out many inspiring stories of success and overcoming adversity. The outcomes of these activities are shared in its annual reports and through other media. As always, PBF will continue broadening the scope of its impact, extending the reach and effectiveness of its endeavors, in order to fulfill its long term vision of a more equitable and fulfilled Bangladesh.

Prime Bank Foundation is the embodiment of Prime Banks commitment to sustainable and responsible practices, as well as its aspirations to meaningfully serve all its stakeholders and uplift the wider community. The Foundation’s groundbreaking social programs enhance the health, educational opportunities and cultural participation for the marginalized, but more than that, they lay the foundation for continuous development that extends beyond our beneficiaries. By contributing to development in Bangladesh in the areas education, health and more, Prime Bank Foundation is investing in brighter future.